Lavendar Cattleya Hybrid (Plant Only)

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Lavendar Cattleya Hybrid (Plant Only)

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  • We will select a healthy, mature size plant similar to the sample photo.
  • Plant will NOT have buds/blooms. May have new growth or spike, not guaranteed.
  • Produces Beautiful FRAGRANT Lavendar Blooms 
  • Average Plant Height: 12-15"
  • Pot Size: 5 1/2"
  • Bloom Size:  4-5"
  • Orchid Care Instructions Included. 

This particular type of plant is a hybrid.  A cross was made between two different lavendar Cattleyas.  The photos are an example of the different flower shapes & shades a hybrid can produce.  No plant will be the same. This orchid is planted in a 5 1/2” pot and will produce 4-5” blooms. Cattleyas are often annual bloomers. This variety can bloom during different seasons of the year.  However, Cattleyas tend to bloom during the fall. This plant is NOT currently in bud or flowering now. 

General orchid care for Cattleyas include a temperature range of 75-85F during the day and 60F at night. 40-60% humidity is recommended. Bright, shaded light south-east or south-west exposure. Check the media and water only when dry (about 1-2 times/week). We recommend fertilizing with a high phosphorus & potassium slow release blend to develop big blooms. As with all orchids, good air movement is essential. Repot these mature size orchids every 2 years.

Growing instructions are included with every order. Contact us daily via email or phone for additional care questions or concerns.