Cattleya Legacy Naming (AO-1740)

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Cattleya Legacy Naming (AO-1740)

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You can be one of the few elite members of our Akatsuka Orchid Legacy Club.  Leave your legacy behind!  This plant can forever be known as the name of your choice.  Any future cross breeds will carry on the name as well.  The name and legacy of your family or special someone will live on for years.  It's truly a gift that will last a lifetime.  You will be giving this cross a "family name".  Just like when two people get married.  

Package Includes:

  • Registration with the Royal Horticulture Soceity (London, England)
  • Mature Orchids Plants (FREE FedEx 2-day Shipping)
  • Certificate of Legacy Purchase
  • Confirmation of Registration
  • Permanent Label with New Name

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