Den. capituliflorum aka "Bottle Brush" Orchid (Species)

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  • This dendrobium species is a Winter-Spring bloomer.  It is an intermediate-warm climate grower.  Buds will form on the older/bare canes in clusters.  Dendrobiums in general do not like to be overfed as it disrupts their growing and blooming cycles.  For our dendrobiums, we give them a natural chicken mature pellet.
  • Because of its clustered blooms, this orchid is also known as the "White Bottle Brush" Orchid
  • Average Plant Height:  6" 
  • Pot Size:  4"
  • Bloom Color: White
  • These plants are also available as "Plant Only"  which means that they're from the same batch our plants with bud but they are not with buds/blooms currently.