Gram. scriptum 'JF3623' x Gram. scriptum citrinum 'Hihimanu' (Plant Only)

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Grammatophyllums like bright light and lots of water in the growing season.  Already in this 4" pot, the plant is quickly outgrowing this pot and should be planted up into a 6" pot to get the full potential with first blooms.  This plant can get very large and will become a beautiful specimen plant with multiple long spikes of green blooms.  See sample photo for plant potential.  Blooms are 1.5" in size but numerous in count on each spray lasting 3-4 weeks.  This This variety blooms once a year in the spring-summer months.   Flowers should produce at the next blooming cycle.

  • We will select a healthy, mature size plant similar to the sample photo.
  • Plant will not have buds/blooms.  May have new growth or spike, not guaranteed
  • Ready to be transplanted into a 6" pot.
  • Blooming Season:  Spring-Summer
  • Current Plant Height:  12-15"

 For more information on Grammatophyllum care please visit the American Orchid Society website: