Orchid Decor

Orchids for Interior Decorating:assorted-phals..jpg

This program has been designed for individuals and businesses who would like to brighten up their offices by adding blooming orchids.  Studies have shown that live indoor clean the air & bring a sense of calm to any environment.

Bloom life will vary depending on each orchid type.  Since most office environments are air conditioned, we recommend the Phalaenopsis orchid (see photo to the right) as it will have the most longevity in an office environment.  However, if you love orchids & would like an assortment we can work with you to ship different varieties.

  • Plants will be shipped with buds & blooms.
  • Pot Size:   4" Pots
  • Colors:  Grower's Choice - Best in Bloom

Purchasing Requirements:chocolate-orchid-premium.jpg

There is a 3 plant package minimum required to receive special pricing.   We require that you commit to a minimum subscription of 3 packages/year.  It would be up to you to decide how frequently you would need a fresh set of orchids.  Our recommendation for optimal vibrancy of blooms is a 4-6 week shipment rotation.

FedEx 2-day Shipping:

We ship via FedEx 2-day service on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays. For Hawaii shipments only, we ship via FedEx Overnight service and can also schedule to ship on Thursday for Friday delivery.  

Pricing & Payment:

Please review the appropriate links below for more detailed pricing information.  All pricing includes the FedEx shipping fee for direct farm to door delivery.   We can also create custom quotes to fit your needs.  We guarantee all our shipments upon arrival.

Hawaii Decor Pricelist             U.S. Mainland Decor Pricelist 


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