The Cattleya orchid crowned the "Queen of Orchids" is most notable for its large, fragrant, showpiece flowers popularly used for corsages, wedding arrangements, and other grand displays.

These orchids are relatively easy to grow and will happily grow into large display plants. Please refer to the following for basic care:

See care guide for greater details: Cattleya Care Guide

Note: All Cattleyas listed under this category are currently either in sheath (buds forming) or swollen buds (ready to open) unless otherwise described. 

We do our best to ensure that these orchid plants arrive with buds or just beginning to open so you or your recipient can enjoy the blooms.

There are some varieties of Cattleya that go through a color change as the blooms mature.  If you happen to receive one that does not quite look like the one shown in our sample photo, please place the plant in an area where it can receive bright light.  Over the next few days as the bloom matures, the color will deepen.  These types we call "color evolving" where the mature blooms may be drastically different from the bloom color at initial opening.