Mature Orchids With Buds/Blooms

The orchids for sale in this category are available in spike with Buds and Blooms

We prefer to ship these plants in bud with blooms mostly close so that upon arrival, you or the recipient are able to enjoy the orchid flowers for the maximum amount of time as they begin to open.  Various orchid types have a different bloom life and cycle. 

Our fragrant Cattleyas will most always be shipped with buds and blooms closed in sheath.  Other varieties that have multiple blooms or spikes, will be shipped in various stages of in-buds or partially blooming.  While we do our best to ship the selected specimen in its prime budded state, we cannot guarantee a specific blooming stage due to changes in weather that affect how quickly the buds open.  

Upon receiving a budded/blooming plant, please DO NOT remove the plant from its current pot to plant it up into another pot especially while the blooms are still showing.  Travelling from Hawaii to a new home will cause some stress to your orchid plant.  It needs to adjust to the new environment and repotting could cause your blooms to drop and the extra stress may be detrimental.