Akatsuka Cattleya (Clones)

Akatsuka Orchid Original Clones

What is a clone?  A clone is an exact replica of the original plant.  Our founder has been creating new crosses for over 20 years.  From those original crosses he selects the best to clone.  This process takes over 7 years from selection to bloom!  All original crosses were created right here in Volcano, Hawaii.  Anytime you see the variety name 'Volcano Queen', 'Volcano Princess', 'Yuki', 'Volcano....', it most definitely originated with us!

Each plant is at mature blooming stage in a 5 1/2" pot.  The photos are samples of bloom you should expect to see.  With a clone, variation should be minimal and each plant should look very similar.  However, we have come across unusual clones that will not replicate.