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cattleya-display.jpgOriginal Cattleyas:

Since 1974, we have been creating original Cattleya hybrids.  Most of our Cattleya orchid plants are the large bloom type (3-4" size).  While we do have a few compact varieties, we specialize in the large, fragrant types.  

  • Plants will be shipped in sheath/budded
  • Pot Size:  5 1/2", orchiata bark mixed media
  • 85% of varieties are our own original hybrids

Pricing & Requirements:

To receive wholesale pricing on our Cattleyas, we require that you are an active operating business & purchase a minimum of 6 boxes/year.  Plant quantity will vary with seasonal availability.  A typical wholesale box contains 20-24 plants.

FedEx 2-day Shipping:

We ship via FedEx 2-day service on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays.  For interisland, local Hawaii shipments only, we can also schedule to ship on Thursday for Friday delivery.  

Wholesale Application:

Please submit via fax or email the wholesale application.  Once received, we will send you our current price list.  For initial orders, we require payment via credit card.  Your card will be charged at the time the order is placed

AOG Wholesale Application Form              Credit Card Authorization Form

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