Pearl Anthurium

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Monday, May 8, 2017
Pearl Anthurium

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  • Berries are harmful if ingested!
  • Produces clusters of berries or "pearls"
  • Flowering now to produce "pearls" within the month
  • Bloom Life Expectancy:  2 Months
  • Plant Height:  10-12" Will Remain Compact
  • Pot Size:  4"

Scientific Name: Anthurium scandens

Believe it or not, this plant is from the Anthurium family. This anthurium plant flowers and self pollinates to produce clusters of berries or pearls. Even very young plants will produce the decorative white to lilac pearls. The pulp of the pearl containing the seed is sticky & harmful if ingested.
Growth from seed is very slow. This plant will remain compact and small. This anthurium is easy to care for even inside the home. It can handle full sun but prefers partial shade.