Bargain Bench

This is our on-going SALE section known as the "Bargain Bench".  This section is comprised of two categories, "Final Few" and "Little Imperfections".  See below for a brief description of each category.  The quality of the plants we sell to all our customers both retail and wholesale is important to us.  We will never sell you plants of poor quality.  We hope that by offering these final and slightly imperfect but healthy plants, they can go to a good home and not get lost in our production line.

FINAL FEW--Sometimes in production, we make too much of a variety which usually then gets discounted in our semi-annual sale events.  However, on occasion, we do have batches that sell very well but when we get down to the last handful or tray of plants which were often the slow growers.  We don't want these to get pushed aside and get forgotten about.  This is where we can offer these "final few" at a discounted rate.  Since these are the final plants of this batch, once these are sold out, that's it for this variety at this listed stage.

LITTLE IMPERFECTIONS--These plants that fall into this category have imperfections.  Nature does not create perfect plants and sometimes, we see spotting, scaring or maybe they're just starting to get very overgrown.  Whatever the imperfection may be we will disclose that along with photos on each product description.  Visual blemishes that may appear suspicious will also be tested and noted that a negative virus test was found.

There are no products listed under this category.