Legacy Naming Club

You can be a part of our Akatsuka Orchid Legacy Club by naming one of our original Cattleya orchids!  Leave your or a loved one's legacy behind!  This orchid plant will forever be known as the name of your choice.  Any future cross breeds made with your plant will carry on the name as well.  The name and legacy of your family or special someone will live on for years.  It's truly a gift that will last a lifetime.  

Each plant is unique.  The two photos represent the parents in the cross.  The left photo is the mother & the right photo is the father.  The name you choose will be a "family name" or last name.  Each of the hybrids from this batch will carry the same name however, the plants will each be unique in it's own right carrying traits from each parent.  No two will look alike as with children.


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