Legacy Naming Club

You can be a part of our Akatsuka Orchid Legacy Club by naming one of our original Cattleya orchids!  

The birth of the legacy series started in 1990’s when Mori, our founder & creator of Cattleya hybrids allowed customers to name one of his original Cattleya orchids. Until then, naming would be done solely by him. He would name his orchids after friends and family but always following with his signature ‘Volcano Queen’ as the variety name so all would know that it originated here in Volcano, Hawaii.

Why do you call it the Legacy Club? Most people who have purchased the ability to name an orchid do so after a loved one leaving their legacy behind in the orchid world forever. Each new hybrid is registered with the Royal Horticulture Society in England. It’s the big orchid database. That orchid plant along with any clones will carry on the name forever. The name and legacy of that special someone, company or pet will live on for years. It’s truly a gift that will last a lifetime.

Why is it so expensive? To create a new hybrid from initial pollination to first bloom is a lengthy process that takes 5-6 years. And that’s not the end of it. Mori combs through these new seedlings to find the one that meets his extensive criteria to clone. From there, he will select the few (if at all) to clone. Only a handful of his seedling plants (each with hundreds in a group) get narrowed down to clone. Then, the process of cloning that one chosen plant starts all over again. To get a batch of the exact replica of this new hybrid takes another 5-6 years to show its first blooms. The time and energy he puts into selection and the years it takes to see a new hybrid makes it well worth the cost.

We have SOLD OUT of the few Legacy Plants that were available.  Please check back again for new availability! 


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