Anth. warocqueanum (Rare Aroid-Dark Form) #1B

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This rare species known as the "Queen Anthurium" surely deserves its royal position in the eyes of Anthurium and Aroid collectors alike. Endemic to Colombia and extremely uncommon in cultivation, the Anthurium warocqueanum is highly sought after for its gorgeous and iconic foliage.

This velvet aroid species is highly variable and though often found with dark green leaves, may be found in several colorations, shapes, forms, and patterns. The leaves of Anthurium warocqueanum can eventually grow to almost 6 feet! Producing an inflorescence including a spathe (sometimes mistaken for a "flower) which is somewhat twisted. 

This particular variation produces long, slender, dark leaves.  Please refer to the individual photos for general size measurements of each plant.  

Plant Specs: 

  • 2 larger leaves, 2 young leaves
  • Longest leaf measures around 14"
  • Well rooted in a 4" pot - ready to move up a pot size
  • Last photo is our mother plant in a 10" pot

 We only have a handful of these anthuriums available but have created individual items per product with a specific number so the photos reflected would be the exact plant that will be shipped.  Plants were propagated in December 2020 and are rooted well.  Since we are a certified nursery, we are able to ship this product in its entirety with pot & media.  We will not remove the soil to "bare root" the plant as this may compromise the well being of the plant & also cause unnecessary stress.

FedEx 2- day shipping is included in the price of this product.  We will ship this plant separately if other items are also order with this product.