AOG Premium Blend Media Mix

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AOG Premium Blend Media Mix
  • Our own Premium Blend for Transplanting Mature Plants
  • Will transplant at least 2 plants individually into 5" pots
  • Ingredients have been thoroughly cleansed and graded prior to hand mixing & packaging
  • Net Weight:  2lb
  • Non-plant materials/supplies must ship separately due to agriculture regulations

High Quality Aged Orchiata Bark

  • Heat Treated (Pinus Radiata Bark)
  • Slow Decomposition (Long Lasting)
  • Consistent Organic Nutrient Release
  • Excellent Moisture Control

 Professional Grade Perlite

  • Excellent Aeration & Moisture Control Ingredient

 Premium Charcoal (Made in Hawaii)

  • A Natural Source of Potassium(For ProperDevelopment of Buds & Blooms)
  • Aids in Cleansing of Media & LiquidsSurrounding Roots
  • Allows Clean Air Circulation in Root-Zone