Assorted Phalaenopsis - Short Spike (4-5 flowers)

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Photograph depicts blooming stage of product. Note the Phalaenopsis chosen will be any variety and will not be exactly as one of these pictured as current availability varies weekly.  THIS OPTION IS A GROWER'S CHOICE

  • Shorter spike phalaenopsis plant with 5-6 blooms on the spike
  • General height of plant spike is 20-24"
  • Plant will have some open blooms. May have a few unopened buds.

This variety of orchid can bloom twice year. Flowers should produce again at the next blooming cycle.

General Care:  The ideal temperature range for a phalaenopsis orchid is between 60-90F with 50-70% humidity.  These orchids enjoy bright, filtered light (12-14 hours).  Drench pot completely in water once a week.  Mist media again in that week if dry.  We NEVER recommend using ICE CUBES to water your orchid plant.  A balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer in slow release form is recommended.  Re-pot approximately every 1 1/2 years.