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3 Simple Steps- After Bloom Care

3 Simple Steps- After Bloom Care

Posted by Kamaile & Corinne on Oct 26th 2022

1. Cut the flower spike 

Once an orchid’s blooms are spent, it is best to trim the stem to allow the orchid to regenerate and grow in preparation to maximize the re-blooming next season.

Every orchid is different and how or where the spikes grow on the plant may vary but when cutting your orchid flower spike, do so using sterile tools. Follow the stem to the base near the leaves (about an inch from the leaves is okay) and cut from there.

2. Repot your orchid, if necessary

  • Media is starting to break down
  • Overgrown
  • New to the collection

It is best to wait until the orchid has finished blooming before repotting as too much disturbance can be stressful for the plant and lead to prematurely dropped flowers and buds. This shock can also lead to growing issues and set the plant back a bit.

Depending on where the orchid has come from and its current growing stage, we do recommend repotting new orchids. Broken down media restricts aeration and is ultimately not ideal for growing. By repotting your orchid, you can be sure the plants have no pests and are in good health and ready to grow in fresh, clean media.

3. Offer the best orchid growing conditions possible

  • Light
  • Water
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Fertilizer

After blooming, most orchids will begin growing new roots and new leaves. Ensuring your plant is growing in proper temperatures, has enough light, and is receiving enough water will help the orchid to grow optimally. Feeding your orchid plant supplemental nutrients can also help to boost growth.

But be careful, adding too much fertilizer and too quickly may encourage continual growth and your orchid may skip its upcoming blooming season altogether.

By checking off these 3 Simple Steps, you’ll be well on your way to re-blooming your orchid and enjoying even more beautiful flowers next blooming season!