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Orchid Growing: A Spike or A Root?

Orchid Growing: A Spike or A Root?

Posted by Kamaile on Feb 20th 2023

Just imagine, months have passed since you've enjoyed the flowers from your first orchid and you begin to see new growths. That burst of joy and excitement tends to come with the question: “Is it a spike or a root?!

So, as a new grower you ask, how can you tell the difference between a spike and a growth? What characteristics should you look for?

The answer basically comes down to the shape and location.

Orchid Spikes

We cannot argue that some of our greatest joy comes from seeing our plants begin to produce flower spikes.

Flower spikes of most orchid types will typically begin to form between leaves. They are pointy and will have more of a “mitten” or otherwise defined shape. Cattleya orchids will produce a protective sheath at the center of its leaves in which the buds will produce.

Orchid Roots

Orchid roots will normally begin to form at the base or body of the plant. They are simply rounded and will usually have a brighter, colored tip. As the roots begin to grow you will notice that the sides will differ from the tip in color, as they tend to be gray or white.

Now you know how to identify a new spike and a new root.

We hope you continue to find more joy in the growing process and can celebrate twice as much whether your plant shows off with a new root or a new spike!