Milt. Lilian Nakamoto

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  • Bloom Life Expectancy:  Between 2-4 weeks
  • Average Plant Height:  20-22"
  • Mature plant with "Pansy-like" flowers
  • Pot Size:  4"

7 Reviews

  • 5
    Orchid purchase

    Posted by Shsron on Sep 23rd 2018

    A very unique orchid love it!

  • 5
    Orchid purchase

    Posted by Shsron on Sep 23rd 2018

    A very unique orchid love it!

  • 5
    Absolutely Awesome!

    Posted by Wendy L Alexander on Sep 10th 2018

    I ordered Milt. Lilian Nakamoto on 08 June 2018, and it arrived very, very well packaged with not one, not two, but THREE spikes with buds! By 28 June 2018 all 11 of the buds on the center spike were open, and by 01 August all the buds on all 3 spikes were open. And Fragrant doesn't begin to describe the about 2" diameter flowers-- the scent will definitely fill a room! Absolutely incredible.

    Sadly, on August 25th, the flowers on the first spike started dying off, however as of today, 10 September 2018, the other two spikes are still in full bloom-- one has 8 flowers and the other has 9. Not a bad bloom-time for something that looks so delicate!

    The plant itself has been happily growing, and with all the flowers, I had to use twist ties and bamboo stakes to wire it to the top shelf of my plant stand to keep it from falling over.

    This is a wonderful orchid, and Akatsuka Orchids is my 'go to' place for plants.

  • 5
    Milt. Lillian Nakamoto

    Posted by Tracy on Sep 4th 2018

    Big healthy plant arrived on time in great condition with bud spike with 8 buds! All buds have opened now, less than two weeks later, and the flowers are big and beautiful!