Tillandsia on Cork LOG #1 (Large)

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These beautiful living wall art pieces are tillandsias mounted on dried cork bark.  Each tillandsia piece is unique and handmade by our greenhouse manager.  The photos represent the actual tillandsia piece you will receive.  See below for cork size & tillandsia varieties.

  • 1 - Tillandsia Log Piece
  • Different amount of tillandsia varieties mounted on cork bark.
  • Cork Bark Overall Height & Width: 15" x 9" x 6" tall (log)
  • Tillandsia Varieties mounted on this piece: 
    1. Till. ionantha
    2. Till.  harrisii
    3. Till. juncifolia
    4. Till. pruinosa
    5. Till. bandensis
  • Perfect decor for display in home or an office setting.
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