Anth. Beauty Queen (Foliage Anth.) (4" Pot)

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This specialty anthurium plant is more of a foliage type anthurium.  Leaf structure in different from your typical anthurium plant.  Leaves are heart shaped but wavy or curls along edge.  This anthurium plant will flower but usually only a single bloom.  Right now this plant is mature and full of foliage.  See photos for more details.

  • Mature Plant - Lots of Foliage - Single Flowering
  • More of a foliage type anthurium
  • Plant is ready to be moved up to a 6" pot
  • Slightly Rounded Heart Shaped "Flower"
  • Bloom Life Expectancy:  2 Months
  • Pot Size:  4"
  • Height:  12-14"