Cattleya in Bud (Hybrid - GROWER'S CHOICE)

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This item is a GROWER'S CHOICE of the offspring that was created by Mori when creating a new hybrid.  These are NOT the ones that he has cloned.  These are the mature plants that came from seed which means that each plant is unique just like the children of two parents. 

As a GROWER'S CHOICE item, we will select a premium Cattleya for you that is currently in bud!  Please do not note specific varieties as this batch is an assortment of the hybrids currently producing spikes/buds.

  • Mature hybrid plant with buds!
  • Blooms life expectancy:  Up to 3 weeks
  • Average Plant Height:  18-20"
  • Mature Plant in a 5 1/2" pot