Holcoglossum subulifolium (2.75" Pot) RARE species

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This species of orchid is also known as the "Pine Needle" orchid.  This rare species is actually easy to grow although patience is necessary to see a bloom form from a new spike.  It can take up to 6  months for a flower to show after the new spike emerges!

  • Now Forming Buds - Slender Spike
  • Intermediate -Warm climate grower 
  • 1" White blooms
  • Blooming Season:  Spring - Summer
  • Average Plant Height:  8-10" (see photos)
  • Currently in a 2.75" Pot
  • General care:  Very similar to a Vanda.  It's narrow foliage can handle strong, almost direct sunlight.  Water often 2-3X/week since it has no pseudobulb.  Grows well in baskets or mounted.  If potted, use a very well draining medium.  

Please view the AOS website here for more information about caring for this species