Macodes sanderiana (2" Pot - Plant Only)

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Due to the high demand of this product when available, we have limited each purchase to 1 plant/customer. 

This species of orchid is also known as the "Lightning Jewel" orchid.  If you look at the zig zag pattern on its leaves, you can see how it got its nickname.    This rare species is actually easy to grow but patience is necessary as it is a SLOW grower.  Does best between 65-85F.  

  • Plant Only - Currently not producing a flower stem
  • Intermediate -Warm climate grower 
  • Will flower with a long stem spike but not the reason people love this plant
  • Average Plant Height/Leaves:  3-4" (see photos)
  • Currently in a 2" Pot
  • General care:  Bright indirect sunlight.  Leaves will burn in direct sunlight!  Keep soil moist but not soggy.  High humidity is great but not necessary for successful growing.  It can be propagated from cuttings or air layering but enough growth for propagation will take time.  Repot when foliage outgrow pot.