Rlc. Volcano Island 'Volcano Queen' (5" Pot-Plant Only)

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Normally for all our mature Cattleyas we pot them up into a 5.5" pot.  For this variety we also planted half of the batch in a slightly smaller pot at 5".  Will reach full maturity within the year with first blooms.  Plant is slightly more compact that our fully mature plants.  

  • We will select a healthy, mature size plant similar to the sample photo.
  • Plant will NOT have buds/blooms. May have new growth or spike, not guaranteed.
  • Produces Beautiful Art Shade Blooms
  • Fragrance: Yes
  • Blooming Season: Varies
  • Average Plant Height: 12-15"
  • Pot Size: 5"
  • This plant is NOT currently in bud or flowering now.


General orchid care for Cattleyas include a temperature range of 75-85F during the day and 60F at night. 40-60% humidity is recommended. Bright, shaded light south-east or south-west exposure. Check the media and water only when dry (about 1-2 times/week). We recommend fertilizing with a high phosphorus & potassium slow release blend to develop big blooms. As with all orchids, good air movement is essential. Repot these mature size orchids every 2 years.

Growing instructions are included with every order. Contact us daily via email or phone for additional care questions or concerns.

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