Rlc. Volcano Plum 'Kilauea'

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This is an original Cattleya created by Mori, this variety has origins in the highly popular Cattleya Maui Plum. Please note that in the first image, the flowers will open a deep purple color.  As a lot of Cattleyas evolve in color as the flower matures, the color will lighten to a more maroon-red color (second photo is of the mother plant).
Multiple, fragrant blooms cluster atop a stem in this hybrid of Rlc. Waianae Embers x C. Maui Plum.
  • Plant Stage:  With Buds/Blooms 
  • Very fragrant blooms - multiple flowers, firm in texture
  • Blooms life expectancy:  Up to 3 weeks
  • Average Plant Height:  20-24"
  • Mature Plant in a 5.5" pot