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Summer Hiatus: Our store in Volcano will be CLOSED to visitors from June 1-September 4, 2023.

Fulfillment of online orders & customer service will function as usual. 

This break from being open to the public will allow us to focus on greenhouse operations & maintenance. 

Posted by Kamaile & Corinne on Jan 4th 2023

Discoloration on any part of our orchids can be concerning, especially when it is seen on the plant structure of our Cattleyas!  But before we jump to any negative conclusions, we want to be sure to rule out the common occurrence of shedding old sheaths most commonly found on orchids that produce pseudobulbs (like Cattleyas).  We also created a video about this topic as an additional visual aid.   What are she… Read more

Posted by Kamaile & Corinne on Nov 22nd 2022

The loss of leaves or a bare pseudobulb on any plant can be alarming; it can sometimes be a signal for help or it may also be a natural part of the growth cycle but, how do we know?The first thing we want to consider is the type of orchid and whether or not it is Deciduous or Semi-Deciduous and will naturally lose their leaves as part of their growth patterns. Deciduous orchids lose all their leaves once per year. Semi-deciduous orchids will drop… Read more

Posted by Kamaile & Corinne on Oct 26th 2022

1. Cut the flower spike Once an orchid’s blooms are spent, it is best to trim the stem to allow the orchid to regenerate and grow in preparation to maximize the re-blooming next season. Every orchid is different and how or where the spikes grow on the plant may vary but when cutting your orchid flower spike, do so using sterile tools. Follow the stem to the base near the leaves (about an inch from the leaves is okay) and cut from there.2. Re… Read more