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Posted by Kamaile on Jul 28th 2023

To master anything, you need to learn the ins and outs of the subject in question… even if you’re learning to grow orchids. The plant world is a seemingly beautiful blend of nature and science. And the orchid community is no different. If you’re looking for simplified clarity, we’ve created this article just for you! Plant Anatomy Plant parts are divided into four main structures: Roots Stems Leaves Flowers (which… Read more

Posted by Kamaile on Jun 7th 2023

Almost everyone loves summer. Most orchids will too, with just a little extra care.These amazing plants can grow in a range of climates. While some seasonal conditions help your plants grow, others can have adverse effects. Follow these easy tips to make sure your flowers thrive during the summer!How to Take Care of Orchids in the Summer#1. Appropriate SunlightOrchids require at least five to six hours of sunlight every day. It can be indoor or ou… Read more
When you enter the world of orchid growing, you’ll certainly hear the word “species”.Species (noun) 1. “The fundamental category of taxonomic classification, ranking below a genus or subgenus. Species names are represented in binomial nomenclature by an uncapitalized Latin adjective or noun following a capitalized genus name.” (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.) One of our favorite examples is the Cattleya wa… Read more