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Summer Hiatus: Our store in Volcano will be closed to visitors from June 1-September 4, 2023.

Fulfillment of online orders & customer service will function as usual. 

This break from being open to the public will allow us to focus on greenhouse operations & maintenance. 

Posted by Kamaile & Corinne on Sep 20th 2022

Nobody enjoys a nuisance, especially when that something is attacking our orchids! Pests can be found everywhere in nature and although there is no way to completely prevent any of them from finding your orchid plant, there are a few ways we can keep pests under control. We'll discuss the 5 most common orchid pests and address ways to treat each.APHIDS, commonly the greenfly aphid, love the soft part of orchids especially new growth and buds… Read more

Posted by Kamaile & Corinne on Aug 23rd 2022

How do you keep Cattleya orchids alive so you can enjoy their flowers for many years? It's a lot easier than you think.Cattleya orchids are among the most familiarized types of orchid plants to date. Their large flowers of vibrant colors and wonderful fragrances have made them popular for use as corsages and display pieces.So what's the secret?Every expert cattleya orchid grower has a checklist to keep their prized plants alive and thriving.… Read more

Posted by Kamaile & Corinne on Jul 19th 2022

Everyone wants to know the secret to orchid care, as if there really is just one secret to keep an orchid alive. It isn't a secret, we all know that watering is key to growing and we do everything we can to avoid overwatering orchids. But, how do you determine just how much and how often to water your orchids?  How can we tell we're watering enough?  The truth is, you can follow every guide available, but you must remember it… Read more